What is the cost?

Our programs are designed around affordable, monthly payments. Your monthly rate is determined by how many months you sign-up for, how often you train with us every week and the length of the sessions. Any unused sessions during a month simply rollover and can be used at a later time. Upon completion of the complementary session (“First Workout”) we will give our program recommendations with your budget and needs in mind. Our clients typically pay around $100-$200 a month on average. There are also options to pay for sessions in full instead of monthly installments and all of our programs include complete nutritional support.

How long are the sessions?

We offer both 30min and 60min sessions.

Is this a group thing or will I actually have my trainer with me the whole time?

We do offer group training at some locations for our clients to supplement their personal training programs but our specialty is one-on-one workouts. We believe every client is different and deserves personal attention. Your trainer will be with you for the entire session and will always design a safe, fun and new workout with your goals and physical abilities in mind.

Do I get locked into a contract?

Our clients are never locked in! The longer you train with us, the lower the session rates. If you wish to stop training before the end of your program you simply pay the difference in session rate. It is that simple. No tricks or gimmicks. Personal training is a service. As with any service, if you are not happy, you should be able to fire the provider and not be penalized for their shortcomings as you would be in the “big box” clubs!

Are your personal trainers certified?

Yes! Contrary to what you would think is a given, most health clubs do NOT require their trainers to be certified (there is no governing body for personal training and no laws require a certification). MFM trainers are all fully insured, have earned certifications by nationally recognized organizations as well as our in-house certification program and most have advanced degrees in the health and fitness realm.

Do I need a gym membership to also do personal training?

With the exception of our private studios, yes. All of the health clubs we operate in offer fantastic equipment and amenities at affordable rates. This also allows our clients the convenience of always having our personal trainers on hand to offer advice outside of scheduled sessions.

Can I choose a male or female trainer?

Yes, we have both male and female trainers available at all of our locations.

What times can I train and do I need an appointment?

The complimentary “First Workouts” are typically performed between the hours of 8am and 7pm, and do require an appointment. Once you sign up for a program however, you can choose whatever days and times are most convenient for you. You may also change the days and times of your appointments based on your schedule. We train clients as early as 4am and as late as 10pm.

What is the philosophy of your workouts/company?

Most of our clients are first-time exercisers and are often apprehensive about even coming in for the complimentary orientation (“First Workout”). Being nervous or cautious about seeing a complete stranger, confiding in them and then trusting them with your only body is normal. We pride ourselves as a company for our non-judgmental atmosphere and we strive to make working out as fun as possible. We believe educating our clients and focusing on consistency is crucial for success. We love performing functional and dynamic workouts to both maximize your results and reduce the time you spend working out.

How do I get started?

Just schedule your complimentary first workout at a location near you by giving us a call at 1-844-MFMTRAINER (1-844-636-8724), filling out our contact form, or book it online.